Solomon N'Jie (UK)

Crowd Safety Management and CUAV Specialist  |  Sol Management Services    
Integrating Drones into Crowd Safety and Security Management Planning


Sol has thirty years’ experience of providing operational planning, safety and delivery services for over 1,500 events. These range in size and complexity from the London Marathon Finish, 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, King Abdullah City Sports Stadium in Saudi Arabia, European Games Azerbaijan, Wembley Stadium and Arena to more modest indoor and outdoor public events. He is also a qualified commercial drone pilot, building on his experience of flying helicopters for 20 years and advises public event organisations in drone operational planning and delivery services together with the implementation of lawful drone detection and countermeasure options. He is currently working with Festival Republic and Live Nation to implement an effective drone detection, counter measure and enforcement option at 10 major music festivals across the UK taking place in the summer 2019. Expert Witness services have also been provided over the past 5 years covering public event injuries for lawyers and courts to use in civil litigation cases.




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